Louizalaan 109 Louizalaan
Brussel B-1050 Brussel

T. +32 2 548 29 72
F. +32 2 502 81 90
E. iustica@iustica.be

BTW: BE 898.134.777


  • Is a law firm that provides legal assistance in all aspects of businesses’ life, such as corporate and association law, commercial law, labour law and in general, international private law, civil and criminal law.
  • Is fluent in Dutch, French, German, English and Russian as working languages.
  • Swiftly assists Belgian clients with interests abroad, with the collaboration of reliable local counsel, through its membership of a number of international networks, a.o. DIRO and LEGALINK.
  • Reversely, assists international and Belgian clients with interests in all Belgian regions.
  • Has for several years been recommended by legal protection insurance companies abroad to their clients.
  • Has since 1998 evolved towards a “paperless office” with an ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate, allowing detailed reporting, and transparent invoicing.
  • Uses cutting edge technology, including full digitalization and screen sharing, allowing for efficient, remote and paperless consultations and outsourcing as well as a seamless collaboration between its lawyers for e.g. the drafting of legal texts.
  • Is, since 2011, holder of the Eco-dynamic enterprise label from the Brussels Institute for Management of the Environment (BIME).


17-20/05/2018 – Lies VERSTREKEN und Johan LAMBERS

Lies VERSTREKEN begleitet Johan LAMBERS zur LEGALINK Tagung in Lissabon vom 17. bis zum 20. Mai 2018, um für die LEGALINK Academy in Brüssel im September zu werben

01-31/12/2017 – Johan LAMBERS (OVB)

In de laatste aflevering van AD REM, het tijdschrift van de ORDE VAN VLAAMSE BALIES (OVB) verscheen een artikel van Johan LAMBERS over dematerialisering, of haar afwezigheid in de rechtspraktijk, waarvan de gedematerialiseerde versie beschikbaar is op www.advocaat.be/adrem met verwijzing naar https://issuu.com/adremmagazine/docs/adrem04_2017, p. 18 e.v.   Dans la dernière édition de la revue de l’ORDE VAN VLAAMSE BALIES (OVB) est publié un article de Johan LAMBERS sur la dématerialisation ou son absence dans la pratique juridique, dont la version dématérialisée est disponible sous www.advocaat.be/adrem qui renvoie à https://issuu.com/adremmagazine/docs/adrem04_2017, p. 18 et s.

15/01/2018 – Johan LAMBERS (LEGALINK)

In an attempt to demystify the BITCOIN saga, IUSTICA.BE’s network www.legalink.ch published a summary of the legal framework in 42 jurisdictions on https://www.legalink.ch/knowledge/publications/ico-and-token-sales-regulatory-framework-in-various-jurisdictions/902/, including the Belgian part written by Johan LAMBERS.

16-17/11/2017 – Lies VERSTREKEN, Johan LAMBERS und Oliver WEINAND (DIRO)

16-17/11/2017 – Lies VERSTREKEN, Johan LAMBERS und Oliver WEINAND (DIRO) Vom 16. bis zum 17. November nahmen Lies VERSTREKEN, Johan LMABERS und Oliver WEINAND an den Feierlichkeiten zum 25. Geburtstag der DIRO auf der Tagung in Hamburg teil.

01-05/11/2017 – Brice BERNAERTS

Brice BERNAERTS nam deel aan de ILGA 2017 conferentie te Warschau in zijn hoedanigheid van vertegenwoordiger van het Belgische trans en interseks middenveld.