1. Publications in Bijvoorbeeld (KLUWER):

Asset deal

Client-attorney agreement

Collective redundancy

Commercial agency - Belgian Law

Commercial agency - International (ICC)

Contract co-signed by the lawyers of the parties

Criminal investigation – release of seized funds in criminal law

Criminal liability of legal persons

Expert investigation - Judicial

Expert investigation - Contractual

Formal notice

Formal notice to interrupt the term of limitation

Interim administrator of a company

LCE – Law on the continuity of enterprises – commercial investigation

LCE - Law on the continuity of enterprises - Court-supervised and voluntary sale of business under the Belgian Act on the Continuity of Enterprises (art. 59 LCE ff.)


Out-of-court settlement in criminal cases


Settlement agreement in civil and commercial matters

Statutory interest

Transfer of business

Written statement by witness


Member of the editorial board and author in RES ET JURA IMMOBILIA a bilingual French/Dutch legal review on all aspects of real estate namely: architects, lease, comercial lease, farming lease, goods/assets/estate, construction, environment, company/undertaking/enterprise, expert opinion/apraisal/survey, expropriation, (land)surveyor, tax, joint ownership, real estate transaction, property/ownership, neighboorhood, easement/constraint, urban planning, road planning, public tenders, housing policy.


Succession law

Traffic law


Das Einheitsstatut in Belgien

Der "strafrechtliche Vergleich" wird ausgedehnt

Die strafrechtliche Haftung der juristischen Person in Belgien

Die Erbrechtsverordnung

5. LEGALINK (CrossBorderQuestionnaires and Publications)

Anticorruption laws (December 2013)

Doing business in Belgium

Guidelines for investment in commercial real estate  (January 2013)

International arbitration

Layoffs: A Legalink Summary Of Laws Around The World(October 2012)

Litigation ADR (July 2013)

Public Procurement: Guidelines for contracts with public authorities (October 2012)

Public Procurement Law - An International Overview 2011 Edition, by Legalink and West, a Thomson Reuters business


Scope of the priciple ‘forum regit processum’ in Belgian legal practice, R.D.C. 2012, liv. 2, 156-164 (3 juillet 2012)